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 “Strategies of Healthcare Marketing”


Marketing in the healthcare industry has become extremely significant since last few decades. Many healthcare practices depend on advertisement of products and services to associate with their patients. Earlier advertising strategies worked with patients but in contemporary scenario, its impact is diminished. Healthcare industries undergo several challenges due to changes in social behaviour, monetary situation and augmented competition. To beat their rivals, marketing professionals in health care industries consider potent marketing strategies to read the mind of customers around the globe.


Health professionals face challenges in lucrativeness, customer trustworthiness, quality of care, and market supremacy. Therefore they stressed on customer’s requirement and expectations and devise consumer-driven healthcare marketing. Health care organizations continually explore successful and innovative strategies that help patients to relive from complicated diseases and also health care providers to provide services efficiently.


It is highly recommended that alike healthcare marketing strategies should not be repeated as it creates monotony among patients. Healthcare marketers must espoused novel way to market their products to target their potential clients.  In present situation, marketing means to maintain healthy relationship with patients instead of flashing advertisement about medical services.


Some health care marketing strategies are mentioned below that can have great impact on intended clients.

  • Marketers may conduct a healthcare survey through numerous social Medias such as Facebook, twitter. They will get comprehensive information and feedback about the needs of patients. Online surveys are effectual means to amass relevant data of patients. Through survey reports, healthcare companies also enhance their services to serve better to clients.
  • Marketer can also devise strategies to win a healthcare service. They can set prize for a free service such as free health check-up. These contests prove to be very effective marketing strategy to upsurge interest among clients. Also advertise the contest through social media, email marketing and text messages.
  • Health care professional implement marketing strategy to share preventative healthcare guidelines to train patients. They can perform this by composing messages and schedule them to spontaneously send through social media, email or text messages. This informative message develops strong bonding with patients.
  • Marketer can also use automatic notifications to fill blank healthcare appointment spots.
  • Health experts can promote marketing of services through social media. With great innovation of social media, it is easy for healthcare personnel to maintain relation with other local businesses and perform cross-promotion

It is suggested that healthcare marketers must sincerely understand consumer preferences, create appropriate products that fulfill a varying needs of clients.

As consumers take more active role in their healthcare decisions, marketers must listen and adapt in order to remain relevant.


To bind up, the healthcare industry has experienced a proliferation of innovations aimed at enhancing life expectancy, quality of life, diagnostic and treatment options, as well as the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the healthcare system. Today’s technologically savvy consumers are more apt to do their own research when selecting a doctor, investigating treatment options, and making major health care decisions. Targeted email marketing also enables to tailor communications to each stage of the member relationship.